DHHC 2022 August 19 & 20
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Dark History
Horror Convention

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Welcome to all things dark & creepy! The annual Dark History & Horror Convention seeks not to glorify violent persons or events, but to showcase the darker side of history, the paranormal, & fictional horror. We bring together the artists, experts, and authors who study our history and/or bring our favorite characters to life across media from film to paper. Join like minded individuals to create a network of friends and connections who share a passion to remember and learn from the tragic side of our history that inspires so much of our pop culture.

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About the Convention

The basics of the Dark History & Horror Convention. Come on in. 

Celebrities, Vendors, & More

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Rub elbows with the dark side.

True Crime Podcast

Dark History Time with Brian.

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Screaming Mad
Film Fest

The Screaming Mad Film Festival welcomes film entries from around the world exploring elements of true crime, dark history, and horror! Admission is included with tickets to the Dark History and Horror Convention.

Scream with us, won't you? 

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