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Brian's top Hat

What has become my "signature" top hat was put together for me by a very good friend, Tina Marie Ronan. She owns numerous businesses, one of which is Heirloom Haberdashery, found at: We met through the Convention and I approached her about making a hat—to showcase both my interest and her business since I intended to wear it at every event I attended. The result of this collaboration is truly one of a kind as Tina Marie said she’d never make another one with the elements on mine. She suggested a formal top hat due the "canvas" being larger.


She found an Italian top hat, known for its comfort and ability to conform over time to the wearer’s head. From there, she asked who I’d like to have on it and for a place I had visited that "really spoke to me" or had a profound feeling attached to it. As it has always been my goal to educate as best as I can, I felt it best to include very recognizable people alongside some lesser known ones. Tina Marie is not a true crime person, so I told her what implements went with each person or place. She found all of the "props" and even handcrafted the electric chair from scratch! She is simply amazing!

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*Content warning. Photographs and descriptions of crimes may upset some viewers. View at your discretion.

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